We are the Captains of Cup

Earthbound explorers roaming the globe to bring you your perfect coffee experience.

From stovetop to slow drip, café-made or countertop, the coffee we source, roast and deliver represents the finest the world has to offer. With diverse and intriguing flavour profiles, a considered roasting philosophy and expert advice on how best to prepare, we are earthbound adventurers on a mission to guide you to you your perfect cup, from the ground up.

Sustainable Sourcing

The Full Spectrum family covers a lot of ground, but these distances don’t mean we aren’t close. We take pride in nurturing our relationships with exporters and importers to ensure that fair prices are being paid to the farmers for their hard work. Knowing that the livelihoods of those who work at ground zero are being protected is our top priority (and helps us get a little more z’s at night).

A Lighter Footprint

We utilise recyclable packaging made from plant based materials so not to contribute to the overwhelming waste generated by the coffee industry. We pass on our coffee chaff and hessian bags to a local mushroom farmer and encourage cafes and home brewers to recycle their spent grounds by mixing them through compost or donating to local home veg growers.

The Bods Behind the Brew

Our founder, Todd McCarthy or as we like to call him ‘Captain of Cup’, is a serious bean-a-holic. Since a child he’s been working his way to coffee mastery, from working in with big coffee players such as Campos Coffee to smaller boutique roastery's like Reuben Hills and Deluca, to achieving Q- Arabrica Grader and Q-Processing certification. Above all else, he loves to share his passion and knowledge about coffee with those who want to hear it, so when he’s not managing Full Spectrum, he’ll be running cupping rooms to take curious coffee drinkers on flavour journeys like no else.

ASOPEP Association

168 farming families make up the Association of Ecological Producers of Planadas, who aim to create their own brand of farm conservation to ensure ecological resources for the next generation of coffee growers.

The Alves Family

Fazenda Bom Jesus traditionally produces natural and pulped natural lots demonstrating a striking aroma, velvety creamy body, medium acidity and a long aftertaste.

The Rizo Family

The Rizo family have been producing coffee at Los Potrerillos for 200 years. They approach coffee cultivation from a holistic perspective and are in total control of their own quality.