Guatemala Calahute

Nutella, baked apple. Buttery and warming.

Third generation coffee grower Alfonso Anzueto has produced this washed processed lot that has all the trademarks of classic Guatemalan coffee. Some fruitiness, some nuttiness and lots of love.

Whether enjoyed black or white, this Guatemalan coffee sings with character of origin. Flavours of baked apples and nutella shine through.

If you've been thinking about stepping into the world of making single origin espresso at home, this is a very safe place to start. Roasted a little longer to draw out roasted hazelnuts and the creamy body that is representative of Guatemalan coffee, this is a sumptuous and moreish espresso that might give you the confidence to continue your journey down the rabbit hole.

Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Bourbon, Caturra

Fully Washed


Calahute, meaning "Free Deer," is a sizable estate in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, nestled in verdant hills near San Pedro Necta. Covering 210 hectares, the farm cultivates various coffee varieties, with the current lot featuring Bourbon and Caturra.

Situated at 1,300–1,500 meters above sea level, the estate benefits from an average temperature of 18–25°C and an annual rainfall of 1,300–1,800mm. Ingas and Grevillea trees provide shade, while Alfonso, the owner, prioritizes environmental sustainability by recycling and treating water used in processing. He also keeps bees and produces honey, contributing to the farm's holistic approach.

Harvesting runs from December to April, involving around 120 seasonal workers from local villages, trained in meticulous cherry-picking. Alfonso and his manager, Víctor Martínez, oversee all operations, ensuring quality throughout.

The washed processing method at the family's wet mill involves careful sorting, pulping, and 24–36 hour fermentation. The beans are washed, graded, and sun-dried for 7–12 days on patios. Alfonso, understanding the importance of final drying days, shields the coffee from direct noon sunlight, letting it dry exclusively on patios as the sun sets, maintaining the crop's long-term quality.

Alfonso Anzueto

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