Colombia Luis Anibal

Plum Jam, Caribbean Rum. Rich & Textural

Talk about uncommon grounds. Ethiopia heirloom variety grown in the lush landscape of Colombia? Yes, you heard that correctly and you've got Luis Anibal to thank for cultivating this idea for your drinking pleasure. Let's get into it...

The blending of two worlds, Ethiopia heirloom variety grown in the lush landscape of Acevedo, Colombia. It’s cups like this one that remind us why we love this pocket of coffee producing perfection.

Luis' iteration is a touch boozier than your traditional naturally processed Ethiopian coffee, it is certainly reminiscent of the eclectic flavours which roasters and drinkers gravitate toward each harvest. Stone fruit flavours up front with a super jammy mouthfeel adding a layer of luxe with spiced caribbean rum joining the party as Luis' natural processing intended.

Acevedo, Huila

Ethiopia Heirloom



In 2011, Luis was on the verge of losing his farm to the bank. At that time, Luis primarily sold his commodity style coffee at the C-market determined price. This price barely covered his production costs, let alone the loan he had taken out to expand his coffee farm. It was during this critical period that Luis sought help from his local town's Specialty Coffee Association. The association offered to pay 15% above the C-market price, though it wasn't sufficient to fully compensate Luis for the extra effort required to produce specialty-grade coffee.

Nevertheless, this modest price increase provided enough support to sustain him and motivated him to delve further into producing specialty grade coffee. Consequently, in 2012, he planted 5,000 Gesha variety coffee trees, and after a painstaking three-year wait for the trees to bear fruit, Luis was completely convinced of this newly formed path.

In 2015, Luis made the bold decision to convert his entire farm to exotic coffee varieties. Now, over seven years since making that choice, Luis's farm, Finca Villa Betulia, has become a shining example of specialty coffee production in Acevedo, Huila. His farm boasts a diverse range of exotic coffee varieties, including Red Gesha, Tabi, Java, Sidra, Striped Bourbon, Chilli Bourbon among many other wild varities.

With the support of Cofinet, Luis has honed his processing techniques for producing high-end micro-lots. He has now mastered various methods, including Extended Fermentation, Honeys, and Naturals.

Luis Anibal

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