Create your own coffee brand.

Made possible with the Captains of Cup [a.k.a. Your Contract Roasting Experts]

Like us, you live and breathe coffee. You might even guzzle it by the galleon.

Apart from your appreciation for a fine caffeinated brew, you don’t know much about it. What you do know, is that you want to develop your own brand of coffee, or add a coffee product to your current range.

That’s where we come in.

If you can dream it, we can develop it.

Drip bags, steep bags, cold brew concentrate, coffee pods for machines, roasted coffee beans in bags… the possibilities are pretty much endless.

Any business owner can develop their own brand of coffee with the help of a “roasting expert”. That’s us. (And no – we’re not here to make fun of you, we’re here to make your caffeinated dreams into a reality!).

It’s time to add more depth and flavour to your brand offering.

Let’s brew up a world of possibilities together.

Curious about creating your own coffee brand? Download our free guide to learn about the mysterious world of contract coffee roasting and our easy 3-step process.